Vendredi 3 novembre, 2023 - 19:00

Druga Rika and Jenia Galich (O.Torvald) go on a charity tour in the cities of Canada and the USA this fall! 🎸
Discover Ukrainian music – attend Druga Rika and Jenia Galich (O.Torvald) live performance on November 3rd in Montreal!

It’s going to be an incredible with two legends of Ukrainian rock hitting the road for a joint acoustic tour. Usual drive and madness are switching to tenderness, harmony and acoustic guitar 😍
Druga Rika is a Ukrainian rock band that has been on stage for over 25 years. They were among musicians who developed the Ukrainian scene. And now the band is throwing charity live shows to support the AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine). This October the audience is getting to hear the Insha Rika acoustic program that adds a new sound to the band’s music.
Jenia Galich is a Ukrainian rocker and frontman of O.Torvald.
#Нашілюдивсюди (ukr. Our people are everywhere), said the musician multiple times from the stages around the globe. And he’s ready to prove it, gather Ukrainians and other people in American and Canadian cities. Jenia Galich has been serving in the AFU for more than a year and is going on a joint charity tour just in a few months to raise funds for the AFU and help the unit that Galich’s currently serving at.
So we’re inviting all of our people abroad and those who are interested in Ukrainian music to these special acoustic concerts of Druga Rika and Jenia Galich. Don’t miss the chance to see Ukrainian rockers performing in a new way!
DOORS: 7:00 PM
SHOW: 8:00 PM
Bring your friends and family to the concert to enjoy an awesome event and make new memories together!