Neschastny Sluchai

Dimanche 4 février, 2024 - 19:00

Neschastny Sluchai

First time in Canada, Art Buzz Productions present Neschastny Sluchai. The Russian rock band that was formed by Valdis Pelsh and Alexey Kortnev in 1983, while both men were students at Moscow State University. The band leader, Alexei Kortnev, has repeatedly cited as major influences such bands as Queen, King Crimson, and Genesis. The band’s lyrics are at the same time grotesque and sentimental, while their music features complicated structures and melodic turns rooted in the prog rock of the ’70s.

  • «Овощное Танго»
  • «На фиг на фиг»
  • «Что ты имела ввиду»
  • «Снег идет»
  • «Если б не было тебя»

Alexey Kortnev, Sergey Chekryzhov, Dmitry Chuvelev, and Pavel Timofeev will play for us all the hits of « Neschastny Sluchai » for 40 years of the group’s existence.

Alexey Kortnev — vocals, guitar, songwriting

Sergey Chekryzhov — keyboards, accordion, vocals

Dmitry Chuvelyov — bass, guitar, vocals

Pavel Timofeev — drums, percussion

Approximate duration: 2 hours without intermission.

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